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A lot of people died fighting tyranny. The least I can do is vote against it.
— Carl Icahn at Texaco annual meeting. Jan 20, 1988

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A Watershed Moment for Stockholder Participation

For many years I have been a proponent of active participation by stockholders in public companies.  Stockholders are like any other business owners – those who pay attention, carefully weigh decisions and present important ideas to be considered by their partners (who in public companies are their fellow stockholders) are more likely to own valuable, dynamic businesses. Obviously, a business that operates solely through employee control and without owner influence would be missing a critical element for success – decision-makers with real skin in the game who can provide the necessary checks and balances to otherwise uncontrolled power.  Simply put: How much candy would be left in the candy store if employees reported only to themselves?


The Shareholders’ Square Table (SST) is a platform from which we can unite and fight for our rights as shareholders and steer towards the goal of real corporate democracy.

When you sign up and become a member of SST, you’ll receive emails with timely information on the movement, and have full access to our website containing:

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Most importantly, our periodic posts will discuss what can be done to change our current, dysfunctional system of corporate governance.

While there are many good CEOs and boards there are far too many ineffectual ones that are strangling shareholders and the economy.