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A lot of people died fighting tyranny. The least I can do is vote against it.
— Carl Icahn at Texaco annual meeting. Jan 20, 1988

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Letter To Local 54 Employees of the Trump Taj Mahal

To Local 54 Employees of the Trump Taj Mahal:

This past weekend I read several articles reporting on Local 54 demonstrations at the Taj Mahal, and I noted a number of grossly inaccurate statements about me to which I feel compelled to respond.  I want to make clear that I am not against healthcare plans for employees and I am not against unions.  In fact, many of the companies I own have unionized employees with fair and balanced healthcare plans.  However, the leadership of those unions does not try to squeeze profits from the employees and their employers.


The Shareholders’ Square Table (SST) is a platform from which we can unite and fight for our rights as shareholders and steer towards the goal of real corporate democracy.

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Most importantly, our periodic posts will discuss what can be done to change our current, dysfunctional system of corporate governance.

While there are many good CEOs and boards there are far too many ineffectual ones that are strangling shareholders and the economy.